Baggage Svc.

Basic Information

1. Baggage is defined as all the suitcases and bags containing personal belongings packed and being carried by passenger.
2. Checked Baggage refers to the baggage handed over to the custody of the airline before boarding the aircraft.
3. Hand-Carry/Carry-on baggage refers to the baggage passenger carries with him/her into the flight.

Carry-on Baggage

- Each passenger is allowed 1 piece of carry-on baggage.

Flight Weight (kg) Size(cm) Items allowed on the top of the carry-on baggage
All 7kg Circumference 115(cm)
(56 X 35 X 20)
a. walking stick
b. umbrella (depending on local regulations)
c. laptop
d. purse or small backpack or a brief case
e. camera case or pair of binoculars

- Carry-on baggage terms may differ in countries according to the policy of the flight or the regulations and procedures of the airport.

Checked Baggage

- Passenger with confirmed seat is entitled to checked baggage(s).

Flight Free under(kg) Size(cm) Exceeding weight (per 1kg)
CEB ↔ ICN 15 kg Circumference 158(cm) KOREA : 6,000 KRW (CASH, CREDIT CARD)
CRK ↔ ICN 20 kg

- For additional baggage allowance :
- Combining baggage with traveling companion is not allowed.
- One(1) checked bag cannot weigh more than 32kg.

Sports Equipment

- Sports equipment is considered as checked baggage, additional payment will be collected for exceeding weight.

Please note the following before packing your baggage

- For safety reasons, please pack only one carry-on bag.
- All baggage should be clearly labeled with passenger’s name, address and contact details.
- Please prepare a bag with the size and the weight designated by the airline, and pack articles inside the bag in a way that prevents damages.
- Lighters, gas, burners, paints, dyeing agents, etc., are not permitted to be transported in the check-in baggage as they are prohibited due to risk of fire.
- Please do not put any expensive and valuable items such as glass, ceramics, picture frames, laptops, camcorders, cameras, antiques, precious metals, cash, documents, papers, medicines or anything important. Please hand carry these items.
- The airline shall not be responsible for any loss or damage of above expensive and valuable items.

Prohibited Items on Carry-on Liquids

More than 100ml of liquids are prohibited as carry-on baggage in most countries, including Korea and the Philippines.
If you are carrying liquids, please put them in transparent zipped plastic bags or a security tamper-evident bag in accordance with regulations.
Liquids contained in each container must not exceed 100ml, and each container must be wrapped in transparent zipped plastic bag with a capacity of 1L or lesser.
Each passenger may carry only one zipped plastic bag.

Check Prohibited Items